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Join the EMBL3M Team

Welcome to our page to join the EMBL3M Team. 

As we assume, you know that we are a team of people who have and still struggle with many of the adversities that teens and peers face today. We want to stay true to that, in hopes that our connections with teens and peers across the country stay strong. We also want to allow ideas, to flow through the company, new fresh, ideas, that will allow us to make EMBL3M better. 

Below will be a list of the positions that we currently have open. (We will shortly be adding links to the job titles that have job descriptions.) Through EMBL3M, the first year with us, you will be contracted as a volunteer, as many of our staff members were, and still are volunteers. We feel that we volunteered our time, as should everyone else. EMBL3M isn't a organization that's money driven, we are an organization that's power, and motivation driven. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email our CEO, Colin Reilley, and our COO Melissa Bowers, by filling out the forum below. 

Our Open Positions:

Marketing Manager

Administrative Assistant

Event Manager

Booking Agent 

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Merchandise Hands (Packing Merchandise For Shipping) (4)

Advice Line Manager

Graphic Designer (Logo/Merchandise) (2)

Worship Team Member (Volunteer Only 4-6)

Vice President of Production

YouTube Script Writing

YouTube Platform Creator (4) 

As We progress, and grow as an organization, we will be opening more positions. If you are not able to link to the job descriptions yet, please check back soon! 

We Need Your Support Today!

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