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Coming soon, EMBL3M will begin working on making the YouTube Production segment of what we do!

Our goal is to not only show case Colin's story, but many others stories! We will also be creating content around speaking engagements, behind the scenes of speaking engagements, and so much more! We will be the next big thing on YouTube! 


In the works right now is the EMBL3M Channel welcome video! Oh, we forgot to mention that we are starting completely fresh on a brand new channel!  

We have many things that we want to do with our YouTube Channel, and we need your skills! Are you good with a camera? Are you good at editing footage? Please think about volunteering to be our videographer or editor for EMBL3M. These positions will turn into payed positions once funds are available, more about that upon your request! 

Get ready, because EMBL3M is coming in strong this summer!

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