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EMBL3M is a social media and presentation based organization created to help everyone overcome adversities, through the power of positive thinking. EMBL3M is backed by a team working to provide everyone with education, positive thinking, and out reach organizations when suffering through adversities.
Many of our staff have faced adversity in their lives, from bullying to suicide to depression. They are able to provide safe, and well thought out advice to teens and peers. We have enlisted many organizations, nation wide, to help teens and peers that are in crisis.
We are not trained professionals, but we would love to share our thoughts, and advice with you.

We believe that we can create a safe space online for teens and peers to come and embrace who they truly are!

Our Mission

Working to bring anyone going through adversities together, through real human connection.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to build dream chasers, and not dream followers! Your dreams should scare you, and if they don't, they simply aren't big enough. We hope to share our stories of triumph, and struggle, as well as our stories of success, in hopes that teens across the world will see that anything is possible, and the fight has only just begun!

We Need Your Support Today!

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