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Your Safe Outlet

So, many are asking, what is Your Safe Outlet? 

Our advice line is an email where you can reach our Chief Executive Officer, Colin Reilley, or our Chief Operating Officer Melissa Bowers, to talk about how to overcome bullying, or to talk about your sexuality, or just a safe place for you to talk with either one of them. 

We do want to clarify that Colin and Melissa are not specialists, but have gone through bullying, suicide, depression, finding their sexuality, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, and more in their lives. The goal of the advice line is to create a safe place for teens and peers to come and talk about how they are feeling with out being judged, our goal also is to get them to embrace their "flaws" that are really beauties! 

We do not want you to use your name if you don't feel comfortable telling us your name. We do allow you to remain completely anonymous. 


***All of the emails that Colin and Melissa read are kept completely confidential, for your protection. We will in cases that we see danger, or feel danger is in the situation, release your information to proper authorities, so that we can keep you completely safe! Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to write you back.***

Your Safe Outlet 

Your message has been received by our Advice Line Team. Please allow us 24-48 hour to review your submission, and respond. If in crisis, please review information below.

If you are in crisis, we do have partners through both the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Trevor Project, and the Crisis Text Line, so please never hesitate to reach out! 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 


The Trevor Project: 


The Crisis Text Line:

Text "HOME" to 741741

We Need Your Support Today!

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